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At the beginning of 2020, half of the world population was already on the Internet. This made us reflect on the ways we connect with each other. Will technology help us advance as humanity? Or will it become a giant distraction on our way to a more empathetic future?

To help us reflect on these questions, we share opinion pieces on online love, blockchain art, and writing as an always evolving medium. We also interviewed ecosystem builder Inês Santos Silva about work and identity, talked to Daniel Santos on how service design can facilitate our everyday life, and reflect about city nostalgia though João Bernardino’s constructivist Instagram. Nevoazul issue 3 aim is to make us think about how we communicate today. Either it is at work, with family or with ourselves.

Frequency - Annual
Language - Portuguese and English
Print Run - Limited edition of 500 copies
Format - 16 × 22 cm, 120 pages
Paper - Fedrigoni Arcoprint Milk 120gr + Colorplan Marss Green 270gr
Binding - Stich Binding
Typography - Untitled Sans (Klim Type Foundry) + Galaxie Copernicus (Constellation)